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How to combine Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns

Summary of Article
Marketing today is a new game, in the last decade or so the internet has become the marketing medium of choice for many businesses; for many people print was already dead. Inevitably the medium has had to move over to make room for the digital era but even the largest corporations that were founded online have stepped into the print marketing arena to drive traffic to their sites.

According to a survey conducted by Nielson in 2014 looking into the retail sector and how US consumers arrive at purchasing decisions, 56% of consumers surveyed cited mailed materials as the chief source of information used to make purchasing decisions. Online content marketing is definitely here to stay but there are many reasons not to cut back on your print marketing budget. The key to maximizing the efficiency of both approaches comes down to cross-pollination across media.

There are some great examples of companies already doing this:

  • Air BnB a digitally based company released its quarterly travel magazine Pineapple, sending 18,000 copies of the first issue to its registered hosts worldwide.
  • CNET launched its quarterly print magazine of the same name in 2014, which will regularly include exclusive content that won’t feature in its digital publication until a later date.

Our Take

As humans, we instinctively crave things that are tangible, that we can touch and turn over in our hands and that’s something that a PC monitor or smartphone screen can ever really replicate but for many established and traditional businesses in both the B2C and B2B space, it has been tempting to see the digital medium as a way of cutting back on print marketing budgets.

Print is non-traditional marketing. That’s where we are today; however, it’s clear from recent studies that print is far from dead and that customers in both the B2B and B2C spaces still place a lot of trust in printed marketing material, like direct mail or magazine advertising. Creating a powerful presence across both print and media involves creating the right channels for cross pollination.

Use your print media to direct people to your social media pages or website and vice versa. Host your printed media on your site in the form of a downloadable pdf are some great examples of cross pollination. After all, if there’s one thing that the digital revolution has taught us, it’s that the secret to success is often found by connecting the dots between different marketing platforms.



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