Avid Picks: Nissan NCAA Historic Sponsorship and RIP Millennials


Nissan Launches ‘Widest-Reaching’ College-Sports Sponsorship in Marketing History

Nissan announced last week a historic deal; the automaker is now official Sponsor of 100 colleges and universities nationwide and a few NCAA Championships.

This announcement is part of Nissan’s “go big” marketing strategy and marks the widest reaching sponsorship in the history of collegiate sports. The partnership provides permanent Nissan signage in hundreds of stadiums and arenas for multiple sports, as well as countless media opportunities and tickets for consumer incentives.

Nissan is looking to connect to college sports fans and to engage them deeply by creating connections. They could also use a bit of a boost now that their market share seems to have stalled at 8.5 percent even when their US auto sales have increased.

Importantly the partnership also involves local Nissan dealers in support and partnership. Nissan has more than 1,100 U.S. dealers and they chose the 100 schools based on their biggest markets.

Our Take
This program gives Nissan an unmatched and unprecedented connection to college-sports fans and it allows them to share amazing moments with students, alumni and fans in general. This is big news for Nissan, and it is great news for these amazing student-athletes since the support will also extend scholarship funds, facilities upgrades (such as weight rooms, equipment and Wi-Fi) and tutoring programs, among other things.

The four-year-deal kicked off last Saturday and it will be important to see how it extends and develops since it’s something that has never existed before.


RIP Millennials: Marketing Will Be ‘Age Agnostic’ Next Year

Global PR and Communications agency, Hotwire PR has released its seventh annual Communications Trends Report which was based on crowd sourced data from 400 communicators across 22 countries with insights on all the trends that will shape communications over the next 12 months.

The biggest key finding from the study is that marketing professionals will need to diversify their strategies; stop targeting millennials as one demographic and reach consumers based on their passions, marketing will be age-agnostic or age neutral for 2016.

Another important finding is that the industry needs to be prepared for the mobile ad blocking boom and spend more time looking for different approaches like native advertising, sponsored podcasts, etc.

Other key trends from the study include:

  1. The rise of virtual reality: As people demand a perfect marriage between experience and data, Virtual Reality (VR) will become a key trend for 2016. VR lends itself perfectly to brands looking to bridge emotion and fact.
  1. Marketing campaigns that provide a service: a successful campaign in 2016 will offer useful services to consumers and society.
  1. Hyperlocal content: audiences need more hyperlocal content; at least 10 specific messages for each subset group.

Our Take
As we near the end of the year, and people look to the year ahead it is important to identify the next big things; it helps you keep ahead of your competitors. The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology smart marketers know that they need to get ahead and ensure they understand the impact of these trends on strategy.

2016 looks to be an action-packed year for the marketing world and Hotwire PR’s communications report is a great tool to identify this game changers and prepare for them in order to anticipate strategies and create a competitive advantage and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

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